Four High Matrons have kept rule over the Empire of New Alexandria for as long as people can remember. The title, granted to leaders by their independent Kindgoms, is usually appointed to well-respected and powerful women figures. These Matrons are effectively Queens in their own right, and keep rule over their Four Kingdoms until death.

Currently, the Four Matrons include Lord Gloria of Dünmoore (Earth Matron), Elder Kialee of Valos (Wind Matron), Lady Skahl of Westport (Water Matron), and lastly Lord Fallan of Rhodan (Fire Matron). They meet once a year at Matron's Watch, a temple erected and protected by all four Kingdoms. Built centrally, each Matron makes an extended trip to meet with the others. Here they discuss trade treaties, alliances, peacekeeping, and other items to keep the Kindgoms happy with one another.

Under these alliances, the Kindgoms have not seen battle since the Great Landing Wars (Marked as 0 on the New Alexandrian Calendar). The duty of keeping peace with one another is a great responsibility, and the Matrons are weighed down by the pressures of their Kingdoms. Shaky treaties keep the people happy, but if things fall too far out of balance, war will no longer be simply a distant memory.

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