A dense pine forest filled with the comfort of Wood Elves and nearby streams, seemingly safe from dangers of the outside world. Leaves in this forest are of a silky pearlescent color, making them shimmer with pale light during high moons. Small roads connect even smaller hamlets to one another, allowing travelers passage without ever leaving the smell of roast pig or sound of laughter. The largest village, XXX, is one of interconnected tree homes and shops, never lacking the usual cheer and bustle of Elves going about their business.

The Wood Elves known to these parts typically are friends of the natural world, and frown upon those who are not. The Silverguard are a group of Rangers bestowed with the duty of protecting their woods. Goblins, raiders, kobolds, and orcs provide a big threat to the Wood Elves, but an even bigger threat is logging and deforestation around Silverpine Forest. They are an elite group of superior fighters, and every young Elf who grows up in the region looks up to members of this group.

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