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It is the year 473, four hundred and seventy-three years since the Colossus Wars ceased and peace spread across the Continent of New Alexandria. Four Matrons strive to keep their Kingdoms happy, and for now succeed in doing so. Trade routes stretch across the land, money flows like wine, and every civilized force stands united. The Four Nations consist of Valos; Elven Temple of Light & Wind, Dünmoore; Dwarven City of Fire & Iron, Westport; Human Kingdom of Knowledge & Trade, and lastly, Rhodan; Orcish Stronghold of Strength & Truth. However, things weren't always that way..

During the Colossus Wars (-13 to 0 NAC), these nations put aside years of quarrel to defeat Lord Drakkonis, leader of the Awoken Colossus Army. During this Great War, Drakkonis had used armor made by the Gods that rendered him nearly invincible. After his reign was stopped, his armor was distributed amongst the four nations, ensuring that the armor could be worn by no single man again.

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